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About Us

Mind Us is a new mental health project that supports US - young people from the Global Majority on OUR  journey in understanding OUR mental health.

What Mind Us is about

The project focuses on guiding us on how to deal with mental health issues, problems with peers and family, relationships and processing emotions. Mind Us teaches us how to build healthy relationships and shows us how to understand and express our feelings in a creative way.


Mind Us is a friendly and safe space where we can talk about our feelings and talk to Youth Workers on regular basis. It is a platform led by us to help each other to be happy.


We meet twice per week – on Tuesday and Thursday. Each session focuses on different emotions, mental health issues or problems. We created a space without boundaries where we can open up and speak freely about things that bother us. By working with professionals who understand us, we find ways to tackle these problems and help each other. Additionally, we regularly meet with different artists who teach us how art can help us to deal with our mental health.

Meet the team

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Magda Moses

Project Manager

Magda is the Artistic Director of National Initiative for Creative Education. She oversees and manages the project. As a project lead, Magda is responsible for smooth run of the project, planning and preparation, contracting artists, contacting external agencies, evaluation and health and safety.

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Andreea Doicaru

Psychologist / Youth Worker

Andreea is a Clinical Psychologist specialised in Child Psychology, Neuropsychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Psychosexuology with a great experience in working with children, teenagers and their families. She supports youth in understanding their emotions and finding ways to process them. She runs group and individual sessions.

Our funder

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